House Rules

Simple rules to follow to all visitors and guests at the Mozilla Community Space Manila (MozSpaceMNL):

  • MozSpaceMNL is normally open from 0900H to 1800H from Monday thru Friday (but since this is being ran by Community Volunteers, there might be days when MozSpaceMNL is closed). If you wish to drop by the MozSpaceMNL, please use this online Booking Form.
  • All visitors & event attendees must sign the Visitors Log Sheet upon entering MozSpaceMNL.
  • Please dispose off litter accordingly.
  • No horse playing allowed inside the Community Space.
  • Feet off the walls. Do not vandal our tables & chairs.
  • Always respect one another (Mozillians & Non-Mozillians).
  • When in doubt, ask any of the Mozilla Reps or Event Host for guidance.
  • Dress Code Policy implemented by the building administration effective 01 Nov 2015:
    • Acceptable:
      • T-shirts, sweatshirts and denim pants if clean and in good repair.
      • Tank tops (for women) can be worn so long as they are not sheer or revealing.
      • Conservative walking shorts (no shorter than three inches above the knee).
      • Athletic shoes, hiking boots, and sandals.
    • Not Acceptable:
      • Clothing with offensive words, pictures or logos.
      • Sando or any form of house / sleepwear.
      • Form-fitting shorts or “athletic type” shorts and cotton sweat bottoms.
      • Flip-flops, slippers or beach type shoes.
  • When in doubt, as questions. Please feel free to ping or SMS +639053984499 any time.