Co-working Space

As part of MozillaPH‘s community building efforts, we are embarking on an experiment on making the Mozilla Community Space Manila (MozSpaceMNL) open to local Mozillians to serve as a co-working (hackers’) space: a venue to work on their personal projects, whether Mozilla or non-Mozilla-related.

Rules to Follow:

  1. MozSpaceMNL is open to Mozillians based on the availability of any Pinoy Mozilla Rep (MozSpaceMNL key-holder) or the MozSpaceMNL Wrangler (Bob Reyes), as indicated in the booking form above. If you are not a registered Mozillian, you may signup via
  2. Based on the availability of a key-holder to oversee the operation of MozSpaceMNL, operating hours shall be from 1000H to 1800H Mondays thru Fridays (excluding holidays).
  3. For scheduling purposes, Mozillians who wish to work inside MozSpaceMNL must book using the electronic form above.
  4. The use of MozSpaceMNL during this experiment is FREE of charge. Enjoy unlimited internet connectivity, air-conditioned venue to work on stuff (and even attend online meetings or audio/video conferences), plus free-flowing instant coffee and potable water.
  5. MozSpaceMNL reserves the right to cancel any booking or reservation without prior notice.


Q: Am I required to just work on Mozilla-related stuff while inside MozSpaceMNL?
A: No. You are NOT required to just work on Mozilla-related stuff while inside MozSpaceMNL. However, we encourage Mozillians and non-Mozillians co-working inside the Community Space to maximize their stay by working on things that will enrich their knowledge, etc. MozSpaceMNL is NOT an internet cafe; if you intend to just utilize our internet connectivity to check and update your social media, do it somewhere else (please be considerate of others for bandwidth purposes). P2P sites are blocked in our WiFi network.

Q: This service is really FREE of charge?
A: Yes. During the initial phase of this experiment, we shall not be charging a cent to all. However, we are accepting donations to compensate the expenses for the upkeep and operations of MozSpaceMNL.

Q: What kind of projects are allowed during the co-working time slots?
A: If you’re a student working on your school project, MozSpaceMNL is a better alternative to coffee shops and even internet cafes. If you’re a professional (say, a software developer) looking for a quiet place to hack (in the good sense of this term) on your side project, you may work from MozSpaceMNL (and we might even provide you with some technical assistance).

Q: Can I bring my family and friends to MozSpaceMNL while I am working from there?
A: Yes, you may bring your family and friends to MozSpaceMNL provided that: (1) they are registered using the electronic form above; (2) they are 18 years of age and above [MozSpaceMNL is located inside an office building; children are NOT allowed during work days]; and (3) if they, too shall be working from inside MozSpaceMNL.

Q: Will there be parking slots available within the vicinity of MozSpaceMNL?
A: None. The nearest parking areas are located in malls near MozSpaceMNL (Alphaland Southgate Tower Mall and Waltermart Makati).

Q: Can I hold events like meetups and meetings inside MozSpaceMNL?
A: Yes. You will need to accomplish this online form.