Blackjack Rules for Beginners

In the following paragraphs, we will be itemizing the various parameters of the game by going on a chronological trip thru the various aspects of a dealt hand from start-to-finish.

The process begins with you making a selection as to what table you will be playing at. For instance, if you want to play at a table with a certain minimum wage, then you pick a table with a sign which advertises that figure. Usually, Red= $10, Green= $25, Black= $100, Blue/Purple= $500, Yellow= $1,000 and so on.

Frequently, the newer signs are electronic displays with a digital read-out. Some casinos offer both single-deck and various multiple-deck games and you may also want to select your table based on that criteria. Now, it is time for you to sit down at one of the open seats at the table.

Once seated, you will do a Buy-In wherein you will place the amount of money on the table that you would initially like to play with. You can always make additional “buy-ins” later in the game. After placing the money on the table, the dealer will spread your currency out in an even row so that he-or-she can count it while the overhead cameras record every possible aspect about the transaction.

Now that your money is counted, the dealer will then give you casino chips of equal value. You can request that this stack of chips be given to you in denominations of your choice. Once you receive your casino chips, you are now authorized to play in the game.

At this point, you will decide if you want to make just the minimum wage, or if you would like to bet more. You will now take that dollar amount worth of chips and place them inside of the designated circle on the table. Now the fun begins.

If the dealer has just dealt the last set of hands from either the deck or “shoe”, he-or-she will re-shuffle. If not, the dealer will continue to “pitch” by hand or deal existing cards from the shoe until it is time to re-shuffle which can be done at any time or for any reason that is chosen by casino management.

Single-deck and double-deck games are typically shuffled by hand while games with a higher number of decks are mechanically shuffled and placed inside of an electronic shoe dispenser. In clockwise fashion, the dealer will start by giving each player one (1) card with the last card from this volley to be given to him-or-herself. The dealer will repeat this card dispensing process, thereby leaving everyone at the table with a total of two (2) cards. (Hopefully Good Ones)

When the smoke finally clears on this card disbursement, all of the players will have their initial two (2) cards face-up on the table while the dealer will have one (1) of his-or-her cards facing up with the other card being face-down on the table.

Before going back to the players for decisions on their hand, the dealer will ask them if they want Insurance. The dealer then checks his-or-her hand for Blackjack, usually via use of an Optical Character Reader(OCR).

Once again while going from left-to-right, a Blackjack hand will be paid off immediately and each remaining player will be asked if they want to: HIT, STAND, SPLIT, or DOUBLE-DOWN on their hand. Blackjack Rules dictate that after this final player decision, the dealer will once again move in a clockwise manner and this time determine if the remaining hands are a winner or loser. We hope that you will frequently be a winner.

In the case of a winning hand, the player is paid even money or 1-and-a-half-to-1 if the player has a Blackjack. After the dealer has “paid out” and collected the wagered chips from each losing hand, he-or-she will move in a clockwise manner and scoop up all of the cards in near-chronological order and then stack them up.

The process now starts all over again with each player taking the amount of chips they want to wager and placing them inside of the designated circle on the table and the dealer now deals a new hand to the players. Other articles on this site as well as the FAQ section will cover such Blackjack terms as HIT, STAND, SPLIT, DOUBLE-DOWN, INSURANCE, or SURRENDER in a more in-depth manner. Now that we have discussed Blackjack Rules, let’s now discuss how to manage your money.