BlackJack Money Management

BlackJack Money Management

BlackJack Money Management could be considered as a shield against the prolonged negative trends in the cards that may come your way because there are many weapons that must be loaded-up when a player is developing a battle-plan for Blackjack.

Simply stated, card players will always experience both positive and negative fluctuations in the many thousands of hands that are dealt to them. Naturally, the downward trends will take a percentage of your bankroll but that should be expected and does not have to be a tragedy or something that should be feared.

Indeed, you will protect yourself by having a total bankroll that is 600 times the size of your betting unit. Your session bankroll, or the money you use daily to make wagers, should be thirty (30) units. For the sake of clarity, unit size is the same as the casino’s “minimum wage” amount for the table you have selected.

Therefore, if you take a seat at a $10 table. . .we suggest that you will need a total bankroll of $6,000 to provide you with a high level of BlackJack Money Management safety. Yet, the size of your bankroll only deals with the safety provided against an extended downward trend in the cards.

BlackJack Money Management does not protect against a POSITIVE run of cards that will also come your way. But, how can a few “hot” shoes or an extended positive fluctuation in your hands that are dealt be a threat to either your bankroll or your current win at the table?

Well, these beautiful runs of cards will often give the player a false sense of security and cause the player to forget that when dealing with most streaks… What goes up… must come down! So the player keeps on playing. When this happens, a player will often lose all of his-or-her winnings for the day or even the entire 30-unit session bankroll. Clearly, there should be some player safeguards in place.

This raises the issue of just how should a win be protected? Good Blackjack Money Management doctrines suggest that if a player ever wins 60 units in one session, that player should leave the casino immediately and not return for the rest of the day. The only exception to this rule is if the player is using a style of wagering called Progressive Betting. Then, you can have unlimited winnings without setting off an alarm within casino management.

It should be noted that with regular betting, restricting yourself to a 60-Unit win not only solidifies a win but also, it helps the player to avoid detection if he-or-she is Card Counting. It is understood that many people might disagree with this position because they believe that it is better to take advantage of the cards while they are hot.

However, at BlackJack-Strategy-Cafe our goal is to help people prevail and more importantly, leave the casino with winnings on a repetitive and longterm basis. We therefore tend to lean towards player safety and a stealth-mode existence.

In addition, we strongly suggest that all players familiarize themselves and adhere to all current Online Gaming Tax Law. Even further, we strive to help gamblers to derive as many free benefits as possible. Pursuant to that goal, we would like you to be aware of How to Get Casino Comps.

By the way, we also suggest that a player should typically not play a session of cards if there is any fatigue or if the player has consumed alcohol within two (2) hours from the time he-or-she sits down at the table. These parameters are absolutely necessary because of the next very important aspect of Blackjack Strategy that will be discussed, which is Card Counting.