BlackJack Future Trends

Playing BlackJack games is one of the most popular options in a casino, if not the most popular. Ever since Dr. Ed Thorpe wrote How to Beat the Dealer, wanna-be card players have been trying to master the art of card counting, and some have succeeded.

As times change, though, so do games and how businesses, like casinos, run them. For as long as anyone can remember, getting 21 (blackjack) on the first two cards dealt to a player resulted in a payout of 1.5 times the bet.

Players who risked $10 on a hand would receive $15 while keeping their original bet. Today, though, some casinos are lowering the payout to 1.2 times the bet. The player above, upon hitting blackjack, would receive $12, not $15. Turn $10 bets into $500, and some serious money is staying at the casino. Admittedly, this is a major change but that does not mean that game conditions are going to go “all bad” for the player.

Future Trends

On the positive side, casinos are also looking to draw people to these tables by offering advantages, though in some cases they may simply be perceived advantages. One real benefit for players, that is starting to re-emerge, comes in the form of single-deck play.

BlackJack Future TrendsPlaying with one deck as opposed to many was the reason Dr. Thorpe was able to succeed in his epoch run of Vegas casinos in the 1960’s, which led to him being blacklisted. When there are only 52 cards to keep track of and 10-20 of them come out each round, figuring what’s likely to come out on the next round before the shuffle isn’t very difficult if the deck is in tact.

Still another real advantageous option for playing BlackJack games is the proliferation of BlackJack Tournaments. With this option, a player can invest his-or-her time, BlackJack Basic Strategy, discipline, and a reasonable buy-in and with a little luck. . .finish in one of the top paid positions. This is a good way to leverage your money.

One way that casinos offer the draw of single-deck play while still maintaining their advantage is in disallowing players to show their cards to others at the table. When the whole table is blind to one another, the advantage typically stays with the house, and perhaps more so if the blackjack reward is 1.2 times the bet, or what is referred to as a 6-to-5 payout.

One more change that may come is that as the world is growing fast into the digital age, laws and lawmakers change as well. Online casinos with computer servers physically located within the United States are currently illegal.
However, that could soon change and thereby allow casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Louisiana, and many other American locations to attract customers from states that disallow gambling, such as New York and North Carolina.

But even if the projected law changes do not actually occur, Basic BlackJack Strategy will still allow you to generate profit regardless of the lowered payout and the single-deck blind tables. Players will just have to either play slightly longer sessions, or switch to a larger betting unit in order to win the same amount of money.

So, BlackJack is still a moneymaker if you make some adjustments to counter some of the new rules and take advantage of casino promotions that come along from time-to-time.